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About Kayla

Born in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, 
Kayla has grown up with an interest in media
and the arts. Her earliest works included
many hand drawn books (with the spines on the
right, since this makes more sense to a young lefty) 
as well as many plays. Her first film was called
"Mary Moppins", which was an adaptation of Mary Poppins 
and The Wizard of Oz. Kayla went on to write, produce, 
and star in dozens more home video productions 
throughout elementary school and junior high.

Upon reaching Riverside Brookfield High School, 
Kayla immediately joined RBTV,the high school's 
television station, which broadcasts to 16 communities.
There, she produced several television shows, films,
and documentaries, and won 5 awards. Kayla then went
on to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
where she has produced and assisted on over 100 different
video projects. In her free time, when she isn't editing,
Kayla enjoys baking, reading, doing puzzles,and playing
with her cats, Jaspurr and Lizzy. Her passions also include 
history,travel, and attempting to understand cat 
behavior and health.